Your Payroll....Our Privilege
Your Payroll....Our Privilege

Online Solutions

An Online Solution will work with both the Standard Solution and Total Tax Solution.  It provides a secure web base payroll portal. 


The benefits of an Online Solutions are: 

  • The ability to process payroll at your convenience
  • Replace fax or phone in of payroll to web submission
  • Reports available online for viewing or download
  • Import corresponding Time & Labor timecards
  • Eliminates delivery costs and potential inconveniences 
  • Electronic files are easy to organize

The PPX Solution is PlatinumPay Xpress. a secure web based payroll portal.  It offers many eco-friendly, cost and time saving advantages to your business. In this day and age, technology allows the PPX Solution to be one of the most simple, secure and convenient ways of receiving and transmitting information.


The PPX Solution includes:

  • Online payroll submission
  • Reports that are posted weekly per payroll in PDF format.
  • Reports for Quarter and Year End posted in PDF Format (includes W2's)
  • Reports access for a bookkeeper or accountant through a separate login
  • Print copies of employee check stubs, direct deposit vouchers, and W2's.



The PlatinumPay Solution is a more robust secure web based portal.  It is an integrated online suite of payroll, HR, and Time & Labor Management applications. Its powerful thin-client environment provides you the best of both worlds: the rich interface of a Windows application with all the benefits of an online experience.


With this product you get:

  • Online Payroll Submission
  • Reports posted weekly in PDF Format
  • Reports for Quarter and Year End (includes W2's)
  • PPX or PlatinumPay access for a bookkeeper or accountant (available upon request)
  • Print copies of employee check stubs, direct deposit vouchers, and W2's
  • Print a date range for employee earnings 
  • Access to over 100 standard reports with custom date ranges and criteria filters that are exportable in PDF, Excel, Word, HTML, and print formats
  • A dashboard view of HR related events and deadlines


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